Selenium with Python

  • Run Selenium in Multiple Browser
  • Using Selenium in Checkout form
  • How to change User Agent with Selenium
  • How to Include SOCKS5/HTTPS Proxy in Firefox Browser
  • How to slow down character entry
  • How to Connect Selenium to an Existing Browser Session
  • How to Use Excel for Getting Data in Selenium
  • Solve the reCaptcha

Source Code:

Automation Program With Python

Django Web Development with Python

  • Installation – Django Framework (3.0)
  • Django Bootstrap Theme in django
  • Static Files & Images
  • Database Models & Admin Panel
  • Database Model Queries & Rendering Data to Templates
  • Create Read Update Delete (CRUD) with Model Forms
  • User authentication

Source Code:

Django Projects

  • Email verifier – API attachment
    Source Code:
  • Send Email in Django with image attachment
    Source Code:
  • Corona Alert Project – (Django3, JavaScript, Google map API, Chartjs, Bootstrap, Live in Heroku server)
    Source Code:
  • E-commerce for Online Fashion Shop – (Django3, Dynamic templates, CRUD, Search, Payment, User base permissions and authentication – Admin/Customer )
    Source Code: